Special Postpartum Care in Munich & Grafing by Maj Übelacker               - Massages, Cranio & Postpartum Doula support 


I love to support with this gentle non-invasive respectful bodywork that treats the whole of you including soul and energy-levels. It speaks to the self-regulation and self-healing capacities deep within us, slows down, reconnects, grounds and uplifts.

For mums after the marathon work of birth, whether long or very short, whether vaginal or c-section birth... and to fill up in the postpartum time when there is a lot of newness and less sleep. 

For babies as a support after birth to balance the body, the bones and the experiences from the beginning up to the very fresh Now. Recommended especially after long or difficult births, but generally seen as a good support and respectful of all boundaries. In most of the sessions I will pre-treat one of the parents (both are welcome to be there!) and will not touch the baby if it signals it does not want direct touch or contact - and they can be very clear how they want to be treated - or not...

Might be useful combined with a Bondingbath and Healing Commmunication for Mum and Baby (by Brigitte Meissner) - I am happy to explain about it, so that either you can do that together with me  or with your partner.

Can be a one-off or better sequence of a few sessions or part of a postpartum package at home or then later in one of the practices

Price for individual sessions is between 85 - 110 Euros at my practices

2hr Mama-Baby-Special at home €180 (incl. 7km surrounding, otherwise individual)

For whom else?

Also for Dads, Grandmas, helpful friends....  I can send funny and beautiful cards via snail mail or email modern PDF- vouchers ;)

Please note: As a Craniosacral bodyworker, but not naturopath, I am not allowed to treat trauma & severe health issues, but I can recommend specialized Craniosacral therapists/naturpaths according to the specific needs, please contact me  you for recommendations if you think/feel you might need someone.